August 2003 : Brazil

August 2003 : Brazil

Sep 01, 2003 – Sunday night in the city of Joinville, SC Brazil was a very exciting night. I must tell you that Brazil has truly found a place in my heart. The men and women of God that have given their lives to advance the kingdom of God, are so gracious. Pastor Eloi hosted my last meeting in his church. Once again the people set the atmosphere for what took place by there worship and praise. This was a meeting that almost all present where believers. I preached a message on anointing that will win this generation. The altar call was a powerful declaration of the power of God. 10 people came to the front of the church to pray to receive Jesus into their lives. I blew the Shofar and released an anointing for transformation. What ever the need, Gods presence is more than enough to take care of the need. People came to testify, of miracle healing that they experienced. A person with a hearing aid was able to hear once again without it. A woman who had blurred vision for year was able to read the clock on the wall in the back on the church clearly. More and more it is very evident God still loves people and desire to bring wholeness to life. Once again I must declare, I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel, it is the POWER of God unto salvation, yesterday, today and forever. I’m heading home !

Sep 01, 2003 – Inspite of the in-climate weather, rainy and unseasonably cold, a church in Joinville was the place to be. Some 125 people gathered in their sweaters and coats (inside the building) to be in a meeting. The worship team set the atmosphere people praised the Lord. I could sense the Holy Spirit, as He seemed delighted in what was happening. The pastor led the people in a time of enthusiastic prayer. He introduced Evangelist Dario Luiz who in turn introduced me. The message the Lord laid on my heart was I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel. I believe sometimes that we forget that the Gospel is the Power of God. The message carries the transforming life giving power of the good news. I know that we know this but at times we tend to elevate the messenger above the message. God intended the power to be in the message in order that all who responded to the message to tell the message. So I simply told the message. In a church service on a Saturday night in bad weather five people responded to the message, received the Lord Jesus into their lives and experienced the transforming power that establishes them as a child of God. The words of knowledge were given concerning people in need. Dario suggested that I blow the Shofar over the people. The people were instructed to place their hands on any area of the body that was in need of healing. I blew the horn of the Lord. The people received the sound with joyous excitement. Dario asked for those who experienced healing to come and testify. Several people of varying ages came and demonstrated or explained what the Lord had done. Two men had their hearing restored. One man, 23 years of age, testified that he had an infection in his ear 18 months before. The doctors needed to perform an operation and remove all the bones and the eardrum in his right ear. However, now he was hearing once again from that ear. The message is the same, the Lord in the same, the power is the same, and the results are the same. I am not ashamed of the GOSPEL.

Aug 28, 2003 – We left Rio Claro and headed for Curitiba in the state south of Sao Paulo, Parana. Normally it is a 7-hour drive but turned into a 9-hour drive with the traffic due to the work they are doing on the roads and the flat tire. The highways are as good as the ones in the USA. Todays trip would be like driving from Connecticut to Virginia. The pastor met us on the highway and led us into the city. We just reached the city and were met by Pastor Marcus DePaula and taken to the hotel where we changed clothes and then went straight to the Church. Curitiba, is a city of 2 million people. The church is just two years old, with 300 + members. It is totally cell group based. They meet together only on Sundays for worship and the pastors message that they discuss in the cell meetings. When we arrived at the meeting worship was already in progress, it was a great time of worship. They do not own their building only rent, believing that as they grow owning a building would only hinder their ability to accommodate the people they could reach. When they reach 500-600 will begin looking for a place that they will rent until they reach 1000, and so on. They called for a special night of meetings because Dario and I were coming. . I preached and Dario ministered with me. Many came for ministry. Several words of knowledge came forth; A woman in her late twenties was instantly healed of a growth in her abdomen, another woman from the congregation felt her stomach and verified a growth was present. After receiving prayer it could no longer be felt, it was no longer there. The woman was so very happy. Two people had their hearing restored and young man in his mid twenties and a woman in her fifties. Tomorrow we head for Joinville, in Santa Catarina a state south a city of 3 million. We will be there for the remainder of the time until I travel back to Sao Paulo to fly home on 1 September. As you know the further south we go the cooler the temperature. I continue to very impressed with the church in Brazil.

Aug 25, 2003 – If you are planning to go on a trip, I suggest you try Brazil. The nation is beautiful and the people are warm, generous and hospitable. The food, is so flavorful. You can expect to put on a few pounds. I am being so blessed. In the city of Santa Gertrudes pastor Geraldo Denardi is leading his congregation in a very significant way. There is life and energy of the Holy Spirit in the church. I was privileged to preach in the church on Sunday night 24 August. The building was almost full. Pastor Geraldo arranged for the message to be aired live on radio to the city. The worship team led us into the presence of the Lord. When I was asked to come up to the platform to speak it was evident the Lord was very present. Rev. Dario Luiz was my interpreter. It is such a joy to be associated with men of God whose heart is to reach people. I preached a message on “”Kingdom Living Now”” and when the opportunity for people to respond came 27 people prayed to receive the Lord Jesus Christ into their life and experience a new beginning. Immediately ministry team members came alongside these people and helped them to understand that they were accepted and instructed them how to be involved in growing in this new life experience. I liberty was given to me to prophesy over pastor Geraldo and the church. This will be a place of impact not only in this city but the nation as well. After the meeting the head usher drove me where I was staying but we first made a stop along the way. His mother had been in pain for a long time accross her sholders and down her arms. What is so wonderful is that I know it is all the Lord because there was no ability to communicate. I speak no Portugese and they speak no English; but when I laid hands on her and began to pray the Spirit of the Lord came upon her, she smiled a great big smile and began to move here arms over her head and up and down. Jesus is Jesus and He will always do what He does best, love and help people. For those of you who are praying for Elijah Ministries I thank you. I request that you continue. I will travel to Campinas tonight and then Evangelist Dario Luiz and I will go to two states south of Sao Paulo we will be in the cities of Curitiba-PR and then onto Joinvile-SC, two very large cities.

Aug 21, 2003 – In a gymnasium of the city there was a gathering of several church fellowship welcoming the citizens of the city of Porto Feliz to come and experience the living God. The Worship and Praise music was very good and the atmosphere was being charged with the expectation of change. The message on the evening of the 19th was on the Call of God that has a Cause, the completion of the Great Commission, but carries a Cost. If the price is paid, the Compensation is beyond imagination,being a Co-laborer with Christ. When the invitation was made to accept the Call, Counting the Cost, more than 100 people flooded onto the floor of the gymnasium. There the anointing of the Holy Spirit began to be poured out upon the people. The next day I walked with Pastor Paulo, the man of God who was giving direction to the week of meetings. We, with great humor, communicated in what I will call Porta-span-glish… I speak a little spanish and so does he, he speaks no english and I no Porteguese. But by the grace of God we communicated and had a wonderful time of walking the city and getting a sense of the atmosphere. I was staying with a beautiful couple Fernando and Rita Rocha. These two are so precious and carry a tremendous love of God in their hearts. They spoke english, so it was good for me to stay with them. On the night of the 20th.more people came to the meeting. A greater sense of expectancy was present. The The simple message of “”I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel”” came forth with power. At time of ministry the gymnasium floor was covered with over 85% of the people present, crying out for a fresh anointing to change their city with the gospel. Pockets of joyful laughter was heard among the crowd. Bodies were scattered over the floor where the Spirit of God was touching people. I released an anointing for breakthrough and it was wonderfully received. The next morning Fernando, pastor Paulo and I went to look at a shoe shop. There was a women there who was present the night before said her husband was the man that I had a word of knowledge about and would we pray for her. We did. Right there in the shoe store, and then as people became aware of what was happening they began to seek out prayer also. What a wonderful Lord that allows us to turn a shoe shop into a ministry station. By the time it was over all the people in the shop received prayer, some received prophetic words that caused them to rejoice with tears and be glad, all were encouraged. Yes, Porto Feliz was truly a “”happy port”” for those who responded to the presence of the Spirit. Stayed tuned there will be more to come.

Aug 19, 2003 – Greetings to all in the mighty name of Jesus. Just a brief update on the happenings in Brazil. I am ministering in the state of Sao Paulo. I have traveled and ministered in Sao Joaquim, pastor Joan Jorge my host. Ministered one night and the following morning many were encouraged and made a recommitment of there lives to the Lord Jesus. Traveled to Tarquaritinga and preached in the city park in an open air meeting, 750-800 people present, the praise and worship was wonderful. It was a cold night for and the people were very patient. I preached the simple powerful message of the gospel. More than 50 people prayed to receive Jesus. The Mayor and two councilmen of the city were present. At the conclusion of the ministry time the Lord gave me the freedom to prophecy over the city. The pastors that were present and I joined together and laid hands on the mayor and the councilmen. Something broke in the heavenlies. The mayor spoke to the people and committed to keeping the park in good condition and then asked the pastors to join together and plan for more events that proclaim the glory of God and bring the people of the city together. Pastor Daniel Oliveria, my host, said it was a miracle night for the city of Taquaritinga. Praise the Lord! Traveling again the next day I came to the city of Barretos. It is noted for having the second largest Rodeo in the World. Pastor Mauri Trevisan my host in this city. He planted this church 10 years ago and now there are more than 500 members and 45 cell groups. The church has extended ministries into the city and has started 9 other churches. I Preached in his church on Sunday night, 500 or more people present. 30 beautiful people came to receive Jesus and entered into the cell group ministry of the church to be nurtured in the life of Christ. Monday night was a seminar, I spoke on the “”Call of God””. His presence was so very heavy. A man testified that his mother who had a fatal illness, was healed in the meeting the night before and that a friend from his work place that he brought to the meeting was born again and healed in the same meeting. Then, the Spirit of God poured out upon all of us and the heavenly laughter broke out, Thank you Jesus!. Please continue to pray as I go that Brazil will recieve all that the Lord has for them.