INDIA 2010

I was in India from Nov. 1 – 18.  I joined up with Rev. John Tucker of Extend Global and his team in Bombay. 


 We traveled to Srikakulam to minister with Rev. A. Philip Timoti overseer of UPHOLD Ministries,154 tribal churches.  We conducted several mini-pastor seminars in the Sura tribal region.






Timoti also organized a major 4 day Pastors Conference with 5 tribal groups attending.



 I left the team for one day  be with Pastor Rajababu. It was my first time meeting this wonderful man and his family. I was the first white missionary to preach the gospel in his tribal village of Kothuro.








 During this one short day we held services in the church, five confessed Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  I was honored to baptize three who came to Jesus Christ.  While walking to the river which was about 1 km, a woman shouted to us concerning her son who had suffered convulsions.  We stopped and I prayed over the young man and by God’s grace he was set free. 







 In the evening we held a small pastors seminar for the tribal pastors.  We also gave away three bicycles to help some very needy men of God.Late that night I returned to join the team.



When the team returned to the USA I traveled to Tenali to minister with Rev. JohnPaul Pinapati, overseer of Favor The Helpless Ministries.  I have worked with JohnPaul and Timoti, true men of God, for many years.  They both plant churches, oversee orphanages and widow care centers.  I conducted a pastor’s seminar and a church crusade while I was with him.  Both of these men and their ministries have been doing a powerful work for the kingdom of God. They have demonstrated great integrity and stewardship to grow their ministries by more than four-fold in the last several years.